Our Services

Audit anmd Assurance Engagement

Assurance Engagements aim towards the primary objective of making the business effective, efficient and transparent. It also emphasis on activities that provide safeguard to assets.


We deliver personalized tax consultancy services. We dedicate our time to analyze and understand your problems to find the best promising solutions based upon our practice and practical knowledge.

Secretarial Practices

Our corporate and secretarial services cater to the various compliance requirements of our clients including advice and assistance in setting up of corporate structures

Accounting Services

Our experienced team provides accounting services ranging from transaction advisory to preparation and analysis of the financial statements. We provide book-keeping, reconciliations, inventory management, financial statements preparation and analysis services to businesses.

Forensic Auditing

Our forensic auditors gather the evidences so that the expert's report or witness statement can be prepared which can be used as evidence in fraud enquiries. we can serve to plan, identify, gather evidence and quantify the fraud.

Information System Audit

We provide a unique service for our clients to review their existing information system. Our company ensures that the existing system of any particular organization is well designed and is capable to bring about the necessary targets of the stakeholders

Business Plan and Financial Projections

Our experts provide efficient and effective business plans / financial projections based upon sufficient and up to date market research for its clients. Organizations prepare their long-term strategies based on our business plans so they can improve their return on investment.


Our experts help organizations in data collection and preparation of budget along with variance analysis so they can make informed financial and operational decisions. Budgeting enable organizations to project future cash flows to avoid cash shortages.

Duty and Tax Remission for Exporters

Under these services we help exporters, in preparation of documentation and getting approvals from relevant authorities, who wants to get benefits of following schemes of Government of Pakistan for exporters.

Special Economic Zone Status

Government of Pakistan has provided incentives to the organizations which construct and install manufacturing units in specific areas called special economic zones in the form of tax exemptions to boost the economy. Getting approvals from respective departments is where we help out its clients.

Business Process Reengineering

We assist organizations in fulfilling the requirements that are essential for the smooth functioning of business operations to increase the efficiency. Throughout assignment we also educate our clients about the business process reengineering as we believe that main stakeholder must own it for successful implementation.

Customized Solution Development and Implementation

We have expert business analysts and technology experts who have been delivering packaged software. We design and build information system as per our client objectives and goals. We also ensure that users are adequately equipped with the skills of using the system.

Software Aquisition Support

In the present age of digitalization, the maintenance of high-quality information is of vital importance. Right decision at the right time plays an important role in lifting an organization to sky high. Right decision is always supported by timely and truthful analytical information.

Website Development

Depending on your needs and goals, we can spin up the best combination of web technologies to ensure that your product makes your business more successful. Our skilled in-house team provides website development, e-commerce, mobile applications.

Application Upgrade

We strategize and ensure the migration of data from legacy system to potential system.

Document Archive

Documents and record maintenance are the base line for any organization’s growth. For this, an organization requires a lot of physical space. Searching of relevant document from heaves of files could place a lot of burden on the management. As a solution, we provide softwares that make document management efficient and effective and saves a lot of human effort.

Implementation and Training of ERP

We are specialized in implementation of ERP applications i.e., oracle, adempiere and idempiere. Implementation can go along in phases or by using the big bang approach. The approach adopted by our consultants purely follows the organizational culture, history and values. Our consultants ensure that system users are trained appropriately to use the ERP application.

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)

We are AARO partner in Pakistan which is European based EPM software. AARO supports in automating consolidation for group companies, Budgeting and reporting, leases and ECL model. AARO can also be used to gather and present the non financial information in a meaningful way.

Data Migration

We strategize and ensure the migration of data from legacy system to potential system.